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Our Story

When travelers from around the world started visiting the Sahara Desert, especially the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga, a Nomad father with three kids decided to buy a 4WD vehicle with two friends to show visitors the best spots in the desert.

Big things start small. As his children grew up, they worked in various hotels and camps, where they learned their first words of English. At that time, most travel companies were run by foreigners. The three children had an idea to start a small local tour agency to show people the best of Morocco. However, they didn’t speak enough English, so they decided to study the language. After learning English, they became fluent in speaking and writing. This led to the creation of Excursion Morocco Tours.

Our mission

At Excursion Morocco Tours, our mission is to provide unforgettable, authentic travel experiences that showcase the very best of Morocco. We are dedicated to connecting travelers with the rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality that our country has to offer.

Creating Memorable Journeys: We strive to design personalized itineraries that cater to the unique interests and preferences of each traveler. From the bustling souks of Marrakech to the tranquil oases of the Sahara, every tour is crafted to ensure a memorable and enriching experience.

Promoting Cultural Understanding: We believe that travel is a powerful tool for fostering understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Our tours emphasize genuine interactions with local communities, offering travelers a deeper insight into Moroccan traditions, customs, and way of life.

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Our guests’ satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. We work with experienced guides, reputable partners, and maintain high standards of service to ensure that every aspect of the journey meets our guests’ expectations.

Supporting Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. We aim to minimize our environmental impact, support local economies, and promote the preservation of Morocco’s natural and cultural heritage.

Offering Exceptional Service: Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. From the moment you contact us to the end of your journey, we are here to assist, guide, and ensure that your experience with Excursion Morocco Tours is nothing short of extraordinary.

Join us as we continue to explore and share the wonders of Morocco. Let’s make your travel dreams a reality, one unforgettable adventure at a time.

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